Windows Mobile Operating system kullanılan cep telefonlarında izleme ayarları

Mobile phone setup
Windows Mobile Operating system
1 Program download
Please copy the installation program whose name is amplayersetup.CAB from the attached CD to your mobile phone, the default save path is My Documents.

2 Click the program and start to install it, just select default path when it ask you to select install path.

3 Click install button to start to install.

4 After installed, click the QQeye icon to run the program.

5 login the main interface as follow.

Channel: select the channel you want to monitor. When you select a channel, it will connect to DVR automatically.
Connect: press it to connect to DVR.
Setup: Press it to enter into the interface to config the parameters for mobile phone monitor.
Button definition:【PTZ direction control(left、right、up、down 】;【area select(zoom in、zoom out 】;【focus(+、- 】;【aperture(+、- 】;【snapshot】.

Remark: Please make sure the parameters for PTZ in DVR is correct.
Snapshot default save path is: Program>>>QQeye>>>> photo

6 When you login for the first time, please setup the network parameters first, press setup to enter into the interface, as follow:

User name: can be blank.
Password: should be the same as IE.
Sever: the public IP or dynamic domain name of DVR.
Sever port: this port is the mobile port you setup in DVR.
Channel: setup the default channel you want to check.
Please press OK after you finished setup.

7 Display mode
Normal/Full screen
Remark: Click screen can switch the display mode between normal and full screen.

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